Our wines are made with environmentally friendly practices, using local suppliers whenever possible and trying to reflect the character of our land. A careful selection of varieties and soils that make our wines connect with the tastes of consumers, whether they are more traditional or with a more adventurous spirit open to trying new things


Classic Yllera red wines

Yllera nuevemeses, Yllera 12 Meses or Yllera Vendimia Seleccionada. Character and temperance typical of the Castilian profile. Wines from Castilla y León that have been recognised for over 40 years. Wines that are a legacy.

D.O. Rueda

Night Harvest

Our Yllera Vendimia Nocturna whites: a range of fresh and light Rueda wines. Harvesting takes place during the night in order to treat our valuable raw material with the utmost care: the grapes with which we make Yllera Verdejo Vendimia Nocturna, Yllera Sauvignon Blanc Vendimia Nocturna and Yllera Verdejo Ecológico Vendimia Nocturna.

The Founders

Jesús Yllera and Pepe Yllera

give their name to the Ribera del Duero wines. They are the roots, the beginning of the legacy and these reds express their personality.



Mirroring the purity, emotion and elegance of the emerald in which the three wines are inspired: Meraldis Tempranillo Vinificación Integral, Meraldis Verdejo Vinificación Integral and Meraldis Albillo Vinificación Integral.

Ribera del Duero


They are tradition brought to the present day. Ribera red wines fermented in concrete tanks in the style of the original practices in the region: Boada Joven, Boada Roble, Boada Crianza. White wines from Rueda, reflecting the terroir where they are born, made with the intention of keeping the properties of the grape intact: Boada Rueda and Boada Verdejo Viñas Viejas.

D.O. Rioja

Coelus Wines

Coelus is ingenuity, creativity and passion for a new project, this time in Rioja. A territory with which Yllera Bodegas & Viñedos has a close link through our Rioja winemakers. A collection of wines reflecting the character of the Denomination and a tribute to the pioneers of the air: Coelus Joven, Coelus Crianza and Coelus Reserva.


Yllera 5.5

If there is any product that reflects the innovative spirit of Yllera, it is Yllera 5.5 frizzantes. Partially fermented musts are the result of a commitment to R+D+I that led us to be pioneers in the market and to develop a new and successful category of low alcohol and refreshing products that has grown into Yllera 5.5 white, Yllera 5.5 rosé and Yllera 7.5 ICE Revolution.

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