Yllera, Renewing Tradition


We are an international company that produces wines and drinks for all audiences, accompanying their most special moments.

We do so by preserving tradition and betting on innovation and sustainability in all areas of the business.



We are a sustainable family-owned Spanish company, a benchmark in the world of wine:

    • Leader in the food channel and present with its best wines in the HoReCa channel.
    • Always putting the consumer at the center of our decisions, using technology and information as a competitive advantage, and working on continuous improvement and efficiency.


We put the consumer at the centre of all our decisions. We take an interest in their tastes, needs, concerns… to develop those products that best accompany their moments of connection, and also of disconnection.

We use technology and information to be closer to our consumers and to be more productive and efficient throughout our value chain.

We look for balance in the development of our product range and in the sales and distribution mix.

We care for the impact of our activity on our environment, minimising emissions and resource consumption, supporting and collaborating with the organisations and companies closest to us, and contributing value to society.

Highly involved in continuous improvement processes; we are always looking for quality at affordable prices so that innovation is our inherent tool.

In all our decisions we take into account the principle of profitability and sustainability, considering the environmental and social impact of our company in order to try to reduce it, looking for new ways and methods of working.

We are committed to preserving and enhancing the family legacy we have received, and to making it a source of profitability and shareholder satisfaction in the future.

We give our best in everything we do, putting passion and interest in the smallest details.

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