Our commitments

At Yllera Bodegas Y Viñedos we incorporate social and environmental considerations in the way we make our decisions and in the way we account for the impacts of our decisions and activities to society, both as a legacy of our founders and as part of our current business vision.

With the aim of carrying out responsible, systematic and sustainable development, which is integrated throughout the organisation and takes into account our interest groups, making continuous improvement part of Yllera’s fundamental strategy, we have proceeded to define those basic aspects or pillars around which to give meaning to the actions or projects developed.

Responsibility to our consumers

At Yllera Bodegas y Viñedos, there is no higher priority than offering our customers and consumers products of the highest quality and food safety. To achieve this, we do not hesitate to invest in the necessary human and material resources, as well as in carrying out research projects that place our winery at the forefront of the most innovative food companies in Castilla y León. 

Increasing product safety: the concern for achieving better, safer products every day is what drives the company to invest in equipment and new technologies.

In product design, we also pay special attention to the elimination or reduction of substances that are not tolerated by certain consumer groups, such as allergens or substances of animal origin. 

We believe in a sustainable wine culture and therefore we communicate, sell and serve wine in a responsible way. Enjoying wine in company, accompanying food and avoiding excess is the best pairing.

For a sustainable culture of wine - Wine In moderation

Responsibility for the Environment

The protection and conservation of the environment must be key elements in our development as a company, so optimising our negative impacts, emissions and consumption, as well as managing our waste properly, must become priorities in our strategies.

Our objective:

To optimise our environmental impact, through proper management of our consumption and of our waste and emissions.

Our goals:

Use natural resources responsibly in our operations:

    • Improve our water efficiency.
    • Improve our energy efficiency.
    • Reduce the weight of our packaging and waste.

Commit to proper management of emissions and waste in our winemaking cellars.

Promote environmental education and good practices among our suppliers, employees and their families.

Responsibility for People

Being one of the leading wineries in Castilla y León is only possible through the growth of all those who form part of Yllera. Our figures are a reflection of this commitment:

      • No. of employees 58
      • Average age 44
      • Men / Women 71% / 29
      • Average length of service 13 years

We are a family winery, committed to our employees and their environment. Our purchasing criteria always include contributing to the growth of local suppliers, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the system and of our land. Our products have a guarantee of origin and quality:

In the production of our products we work with companies that promote social integration:

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